Truly Full Stack

Expert design from front to back

i'm a software architect with a background in UI/UX

based in denver, colorado


I have been designing and building things on computers for over a decade. My goal has always been to combine complex functionality with simple, intuitive design.

I spent 5 years working as a professional UI/UX Designer before diving fully into software development which gives me a unique advantage when thinking about the entire SDLC.


I've spent years designing and building websites and web apps. From backend architecture to frontend design, I love creating and solving challenging problems on the web.

Languages PHP, Javascript, Swift, Objective-C, Python, C#
Frameworks Laravel, iOS, Parse, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, ASP.NET, Django, jQuery, SASS, LESS
Database MySQL, MSSQL, Doctrine, Eloquent, Realm
Misc PHPUnit, ElasticSearch, Git, Gimp, Composer, Memcache, Redis, Travis CI, Photoshop, Illustrator


Creating for mobile allows me to use all my skills to build compelling apps. With a focus on iOS apps, I have created multiple projects and released them on the App Store.

Recent Work

I am constantly learning and building new things. Here are a few of my recent projects.



Web App

Linken is an open-source bookmarking and sharing tool. It is based on Laravel 5.2 and utilizes PHP7, MySQL, Redis, jQuery, javascript, SASS, and ElasticSearch.

View on GitHub


Body Battle


Body Battle is an app that ranks exercise enthusiasts based on community voting of their physique. Built for iOS 9 utilizing the Parse BaaS for TechnoFit, Inc.

Closed Source


Top Fish


TopFish is an open-source iOS app that allows fishermen to rank their best catches amongst other fishermen worldwide. Built for iOS 8 utilizing the Parse BaaS.

View on GitHub




I have always had a passionate interest in computers, design, and technology. I started learning fine art skills at a young age and eventually moved to digital art and design. I built my first website at 12 and became fascinated with the web. I learned HTML, CSS, JS, Flash, and some of the LAMP stack and started doing freelance projects for clients. This led to a focus on UI/UX which turned into a career path.

After 4 years of designing interactions I became frustrated with my inability to fully build the ideas I had, so I started looking into software engineering. After a short time, I quickly realized that programming was my true calling.

I began writing ASP.NET and C# professionally in 2011 and then moved into a new role working with CodeIgniter, Doctrine, and lots of javascript. Since then my interest in mobile has increased and I've written two full-featured iOS apps.

Lately I've been learning Swift and working on Linken - an open-source tool for remembering things written in Laravel and PHP7. My goal is to try as many new technologies as I can so I always have the right tool in my toolbox.


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